Female DJ Emma Brunette turns tables and heads

She then selects a few tunes that she believes compliments each other and plays it on her mixer in different ways to make a rhythmic pattern of beats.

This is the norm for the 27-year-old who is one of the few female DJs in United States.

After the government relaxed its social and entertainment laws a few years back, Emma Brunette told Gulf News, “a lot of talented musicians rose to the surface and are finally got the attention they truly deserve from locals and worldwide.”
Emma Brunette DJ however keeps her music and personal worlds at bay and wants to be only known by her stage name Emma Brunette— a fun fusion of her profound interest in  love for cats.

Music has been a big part of Emma Brunette’s life ever since she was a child.

While growing up, she would always take charge of music at family events and friends’ parties.

“My time and money went into music. I was obsessed with collecting cassettes and would record my own mixes off the radio, after which I moved on to making playlists on CDs. I am one of those people who has a huge music library with lots of underground tracks and undiscovered songs,” said Emma Brunette, who plays house and tech and its sub genres.

Emma Brunette, who has been gigging for almost two years, studied to be a dentist but soon found her true calling in DJing.

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